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Music in Bernini’s Rome

Music in Bernini’s Rome

In the heart of Baroque Rome – and, more specifically, in the Church of St Agnes in Agony (Sant’Agnese in Agone), situated in the famous Piazza Navona – architecture and music are brought together to create a captivating artistic combination.

This church, considered to be a jewel of Baroque architecture, was constructed in the 17th century by Girolamo Rainaldi, Francesco Borromini and Gian Lorenzo Bernini (the latter also responsible for the magnificent Fountain of Four Rivers, located in front of the church).

The first part of this artistic proposal takes place in the Borromini Sacristy, within Church of St Agnes in Agony, while the second part is in the main part of the church. The explanations (in English) from your guide will make you understand better the art and the music of the Baroque era. Immersed in the music, you will admire the numerous artworks of this church, from the architecture of the building itself, to the frescos of the tambour, as well as Bernini’s sculptures.

In such a particularly atmosphere, you will enjoy a concert with music by great Baroque composers such as Girolamo Frescobaldi, Claudio Monteverdi, Giulio Caccini, Lelio Colista and Andrea Falconiero, among others, expertly performed by the instrumentalists and singers of the ensemble (soprano, alto, baritone, flute, percussion and Baroque guitar). The instruments themselves are from the Baroque period.

The architecture, the sculptures, the marble, the colours and the sounds create a beautifully evocative context, transporting you to the artistic atmosphere of a unique period and inviting you to enjoy the music while you contemplate the artistic wonders around you.


G. Caccini:

  • Amor ch’attendi

A. Falconieri:

  • Aure vaghe

C. Calvi:

  • Aria di Firenze

C. Negri:

  • Spagnoletta

G. Frescobaldi:

  • Cosi mi disprezzate

Canto Gregoriano:

  • Inno a Sant’Agnese

G. Carissimi:

  • O felix anima

F. Le Cocq:

  • Folies d’Espagne

J. Dowland:

  • Come again

C. Monteverdi:

  • Si dolce è il tormento

J. Arañés:

  • A la vida bona

image Church of St Agnes in Agony (Sant’Agnese in Agone) / Roma Opera Omnia