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Christmas Concerts

Christmas Concerts

If you have made your plans for a winter holiday in Rome but have no special Christmas plans yet, catching a Christmas Concert at the Methodist Church on Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo is an absolute must. Offering a collection of beloved Christmas carols, famous opera numbers, works for solo piano and a cosy reception afterwards, this is performance will put you in the season’s spirit!

For your pleasure, the Christmas Concerts occurs several times throughout the festive season, so that you can plan to attend at least one of the special evenings. The programme includes famous outtakes from popular operas by Italian masters like Verdi and Puccini. The arias and duets will charm you all over again with the beauty and elegance of their melodies, while the minimalist piano accompaniment will let you enjoy music in its purest form.

Piano pieces by the wonderful Chopin and Liszt provide a nice change of pace throughout the evening. Of course, no Christmas Concert is complete without the classic carols, sacred hymns, and popular songs of the season. Well-known and favourite melodies take whole new life and meaning among the walls of the beautiful Methodist Church in Rome.

At the end of the Christmas Concert, you will have the chance to enjoy a classic Italian aperitivo, a small reception where you can meet the artists and mingle with fellow audience members to share your impressions of the night. As you head out, the beautiful St Peter’s Basilica, Castel Sant’Angelo and the river Tiber will fill your heart with Roman sights.

The Methodist Church opens its doors at 7 pm, and the Christmas Concert begins at 7:30 pm. The performance runs for approximately 75 minutes, without intermissions, and the aperitivo follows immediately after. The venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users, and there is no formal dress code. This Christmas, make your trip to the Eternal City unforgettable with one of these special performances!