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    Baroque Christmas concert

    Baroque Christmas concert

    This Christmas, you will have the chance to touch divinity with an immersive, historically accurate Baroque performance. At the Capuchins Church of Santa Maria Immacolata, in Rome’s popular Via Veneto, the Schola Romana Ensemble put on one of their renowned, authentic Baroque Christmas Concerts. Four talented singers – soprano, alto, tenor and bass – backed up by historical instruments from the period revive seldom-heard old pieces of music by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Orlando di Lasso, Jacques Arcadelt, Giovanni Francesco Anerio and Cristóbal de Morales. The pieces were originally written for the choir of the Sistine Chapel and bring the special elevated atmosphere of sacred song into the unique environment of the Capuchins Church, where great artists have left their mark. Before the performance, an art historian will take you on an English-language guided tour of the impressive Capuchins Church and Crypt, a holy place shrouded in mystery that is bound to touch your soul.

    The Capuchins Church and Crypt are prime examples of the Roman Baroque architectural and artistic style. The church interior bears the mosaics, sculptures and frescoes of masters like Guido Reni, Pietro da Cortona, Antonio Sacchi, Domenichino and Gherardo delle Notti, among others. In the crypt museum downstairs, encrusted with 4,000 bones of monks and friars, ‘La meditazione di S. Francesco’ by Caravaggio awaits you, too. After the short historical tour, your art history guide introduces you to the evening’s musical programme, and the time comes for the musicians to take the stage.

    The Schola Romana Ensemble have proven themselves the leading experts on Roman Baroque. Through professional training and extensive experience with this exciting musical period, the singers and players recreate the music of the time with inimitable skill and flair. The ensemble glides effortlessly through the period’s typical genres such as Gregorian chants and cantatas. There hardly is a better soundtrack for the holy Christmas season, and guests and residents of Rome alike will find the Baroque Christmas Concert at the Capuchins Church to be a most wonderful festive event.

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