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    Baroque Christmas concert

    Baroque Christmas concert

    This special Christmas concert - at the magnificent Baroque church of St Agnes in Agony (Sant'Agnese in Agone) in the Piazza Navona - offers a unique experience where music and the visual arts are combined.

    The prestigious Schola Romana Ensemble, which specialises in Baroque music from Rome, will perform specially chosen works by Baroque masters of the Sistine Chapel, such as Palestrina, Victoria, Arcadelt, Lasso, Morales and Anerio.

    During the 17th century, wonderful liturgies were set to Baroque music at the Sistine Chapel, and these performances were then repeated in Rome’s most important churches, attracting many visitors from all over the world. With this fabulous concert, you are invited to relive the glory of an extraordinary artistic and cultural era.


    • Mateo Flecha
      • El Dindirindin
    • Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
      • Hodie Christus natus est
    • Anonimo
      • Sopra il fieno colcato
      • Dio s'è fatto fanciullo
    • Giovanni Animuccia
      • Benedetto sia lo giorno
    • Jacques Arcadelt
      • Ave Maria
    • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
      • Sicut cervus
      • Hodie Christus natus est
    • Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni
      • Laudate Dominum

    Schola Romana Ensemble

    • Paola Alonzi, soprano
    • Micaela Parrilla, contralto
    • Franco Todde, tenor
    • Stefano Sabene, bass

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