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Peter Grimes, Opera by B. Britten

Peter Grimes, Opera by B. Britten

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma stages a production of Benjamin Britten's much-loved opera, Peter Grimes. This large opera house in the heart of the Italian capital city was first opened in 1880 and is widely regarded as one of the premier operatic venues in the whole country. The opera being performed is arranged over one prologue and three acts and is likely to provide spectacular musical entertainment and drama among all who attend. Peter Grimes has been produced many times since it was first performed and numerous recordings have been made of it.

Britten wrote Peter Grimes during the Second World War, beginning it in the United States and completing it once he had returned to his native UK in 1943. It was conceived after Britten had read George Crabbe's narrative poem, The Borough. The work premiered at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London on 7 June 1945 and was an instant hit among opera critics and the public alike. Although the opera takes place in a fictional setting, many people now agree that the small seaside town where the action takes place is based on the Suffolk coastal settlement of Aldeburgh. It was where Crabbe was born and, although later in his life, became Britten's home town.

Peter Grimes is often described as a haunting opera. It focuses on the downfall of a fisherman in a close-knit community by the sea and the somewhat devastating consequences that follow a missing apprentice, previously employed by the title character. Questions over who might have been involved in the disappearance come to the surface. Themes of isolation, prejudice and the negativity that small-town gossip can have all arise. Against this, there is also the theme of the sea which Britten appears to use as a metaphor for both covering things up and revealing them. Britten wrote some musical interludes themed on the sea. These had the practicality of allowing enough time for scenes to be changed on stage. However, the Sea Interludes, as they are collectively known, have since become popular in their own right and have been published separately. 

This production of Peter Grimes at Teatro Costanzi, as the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is also known, will excite audiences who already know and love Britten's music but it is undoubtedly an opera that will provide a great musical treat among newcomers to his work, as well.

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