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Oratorio del Caravita

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Tastes and Sounds of Italy

Tastes and Sounds of Italy

Tastes and Sounds of Italy includes a dinner and a concert that provide an unforgettable Roman experience. The delicious three-course menu at the charming restaurant Le Cave di Sant’Ignazio sets the mood. Right after, the concert performance of The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi at the Oratorio del Caravita nearby elevates the evening even further with one of the most creative pieces of music in the classical catalogue. In the heart of Rome, authentic food and inspiring music await you for a proper celebration on your visit to the Eternal City.

The dinner part of Tastes and Sounds of Italy begins at 6.30 p.m. at Le Cave di Sant’Ignazio, a quaint restaurant with excellent Italian cuisine at Piazza Sant’Ignazio. Its talented chefs developed several different menu options especially for this event, and you can pick the one that speaks the most to you. Each menu includes a starter, a rich main dish, dessert, and water. Further drinks can always be purchased additionally, of course. The atmosphere of the authentic Italian eatery and the specially prepared food options already lay the foundation for a good time on your classical Roman evening.

After stimulating your taste buds, you will head towards the historic Caravita Church less than 100 metres away from the restaurant and take your seat before the clock strikes 8.30 p.m. This is when the whirlwind of Vivaldi’s violin concertos The Four Seasons takes you on a marvellous journey over rolling meadows, through roaring thunderstorms, with chirping birds and barking dogs, among a multitude of other clever sound effects. By pushing the sonic range of many classical instruments and taking his cue from nature, Vivaldi crafted a timeless piece of music that continues to fascinate ever since its composition in the 1720’s. At the Oratorio del Caravita, The Four Seasons as part of Tastes and Sounds of Italy makes for a remarkable evening in Rome.