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    Serata all’italiana

    Serata all’italiana

    Live Italian for an evening thanks to this lavish dinner-concert in the heart of the eternal city. A pleasure for the taste buds as much as for the ears, the combination will enable you to discover the best of Italy.

    You will begin this unforgettable evening at the cozy restaurant Hespresso at 6:30 pm. With its 18th-century Art Nouveau dining hall, Hespresso is located just off Via Nazionale. While you enjoy one of the three available menus, you will be able to observe the chef's art first-hand thanks to the restaurant's show kitchen. All three-course menus are accompanied by water and coffee and feature exquisite dishes full of authentic Italian flavour courtesy of the high-quality products grown under the Mediterranean sun.

    After this delicious meal, you will head toward the majestic Saint Paul Within the Walls Episcopal Church (San Paolo dentro le Mura), which is renowned as much for its beauty as for its exceptional acoustics, where from 8:30 pm you will attend a concert combining great operatic arias and traditional Neapolitan songs. In a fabulous setting featuring ornate mosaics and stained glass windows, you can enjoy the virtuosity of the three tenors and the ensemble of Opera e Lirica who, during the first part of the evening, will interpret extracts of the finest works of the Italian operatic repertoire, including those from Tosca, The Elixir of Love and La Traviata. The second instalment of the evening will transport you to sunny Naples with a selection of traditional Neapolitan songs, some of which, like Nel blu dipinto di blu or 'O sole mio, are known throughout the world. You will not be able to resist the good mood of the singers and musicians who will take as much pleasure in performing these songs as you will do by listening to them.

    This exceptional gastronomic and musical experience will play upon your senses and makes for a marvellous complement to your stay in Italy.