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    Trittico Contemporaneo

    Trittico Contemporaneo

    Teatro Costanzi invites audiences to a triple treat of modern ballet this season. Three stars from different generations joined together into a ‘Trittico Contemporaneo’, a contemporary triptych of creative dance. William Forsythe, Patrick de Bana and Juliano Nunes on one bill is a rare and wonderful occurrence.

    The programme begins with Playlist (Track 1, 2) by William Forsythe. He developed the piece in 2018 for the English National Ballet. The standout feature of this modern ballet is its music, which is entirely hip-hop. True to his experimental and inventive nature, Forsythe does not offer a bland imitation of the musical genre he picked. Instead, he puts his 12 male dancers through a series of classical formations and paces before letting them run wilder and wilder, completely in tune with the rising tension of the music. The final product is a tight and visually stunning ballet piece of about 10 minutes that looks part music video and part neoclassical study of dance.

    Patrick de Bana’s Windgames comes next. With ethereal costumes in primary colours, it explores the lightness of being. The performance is set to music by Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, lending it a unique mixture of classical and contemporary feel. Windgames premiered in Vienna in 2013 and has been travelling the world ever since, with successful premieres in new locations across Europe, the Americas and Asia. De Bana created the show in several stages, each at a different location around the world. The staggered creation process shines through the final work and underscores its leitmotif of connecting people.

    Women by Juliano Nunes bookends the programme and delivers another one of the choreographer’s trademark performances. With music by frequent collaborator Alexander MacKenzie, the modern ballet piece flows at a pace all its own and offers a visually and musically stimulating experience. In combination with the previous two pieces, Women puts a powerful end-point on the end of ‘Trittico Contemporaneo’ at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in Rome.

    image Rome Opera House / Silvia Lelli / Teatro dell'Opera di Roma