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    Serata Preljocaj

    Serata Preljocaj

    Teatro dell’Opera di Roma teams up with legendary French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj for an evening of beautiful dance and bold surprises. Serata Preljocaj features ‘Annonciation’, the 1997 classic that earned the prestigious Bessie Award, and ‘Nuit Romaine’, one of the ballet master’s newer ballet performances. Taken together, the two works form a veritable ‘then and now’ view of Preljocaj’s unique amalgamation of classical and contemporary dance. Lovers of modern ballet will not be disappointed by this very special double feature.

    ‘Annonciation’ is Preljocaj’s take on the Christian story of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary, a cornerstone of Christian faith. The biblical episode, in which an angel appears to the Virgin Mary to bring her the good news she will bear the Saviour Jesus Christ, forms the basis of this work. Of course, in his classic style, the French choreographer injects provocation into the piece right from the start by making the angel a woman, too. The two female leads’ interaction through sensual dance and intense exchanges left many puritans agape. The musical backing for ‘Annonciation’ is similarly irreverent and eclectic. It brings together the pious Magnificat in g-minor by Antonio Vivaldi with the electronic rhythms of Crystal Music by contemporary composer Stéphane Roy.

    Guests of Teatro Costanzi can then enjoy ‘Nuit Romaine’, a more recent creation by Angelin Preljocaj and one that is intimately related to Rome. The special performance, inspired by the Eternal City, carries the choreographer’s signature presence and style. The musical backing is delegated to a who’s-who of famous names, such as Antonio Vivaldi, George Frideric Handel, Gioachino Rossini, Richard Wagner, Franz Schubert, and Johann Sebastian Bach as well as contemporary Hungarian composer György Ligeti. Serata Preljocaj is a great celebration of the artist’s legacy and talents, and its tasteful combination of classic and new creations is bound to impress.

    image Rome Opera House / Silvia Lelli / Teatro dell'Opera di Roma