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Forsythe / Inger / Blanc

Forsythe / Inger / Blanc

Modern dance has a million different faces, and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in Rome is staging a selection that embodies this variety and richness. The modern ballet performance Forsythe / Inger / Blanc features the talents of three award-winning contemporary choreographers and displays their unique styles and tastes for audiences to enjoy. Packed with stunning imagery, memorable dance sequences, and musical hooks, the modern ballet performance at Teatro Costanzi is a real celebration of sound and movement rolled into one.

The evening begins with William Forsythe’s 1992 classic “Herman Schmerman”. Originally developed for the New York City Ballet’s Diamond Project, the performance debuted on 28 May 1992 and has seen regular revivals ever since. The geometrically impressive choreography, the sharp electronic score by Thom Willems, and the meticulously crafted costumes by the late great Gianni Versace make this a standout work in any ballet constellation. Forsythe’s unique style of exploring the stage space is bound to impress.

Swedish choreographer Johan Inger is responsible for the evening’s second part, titled “Walking Mad” as an homage to Socrates’ quote about us finding our greatest gifts only in a state of madness. To the tune of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero and Arno Pärt’s Für Alina, nine dancers walk down a metaphorical line and encounter unusual trials and tribulations on their path to an unknown destination. This piece is quintessential Inger who not only charted the dances but the book and stage sets as well.

The evening wraps up with “From Afar” by Nicolas Blanc. His characteristic modern style and approach shine through every movement, as usual. The stage design by Andrea Miglio and the score by Enzio Bosso are in perfect harmony with the intricate choreography that represents a painstaking negotiation of the stage space in service of an expressive and intimate dance performance. And so Forsythe / Inger / Blanc comes to a close, delivering yet another modern ballet feast to guests of Teatro Costanzi in Rome.

image Rome Opera House / Silvia Lelli / Teatro dell'Opera di Roma