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    Opera Greatest Hits

    Opera Greatest Hits

    Rome is a city synonymous with opera and classical music, and one can never get enough of its many wondrous performances. If you find yourself in the Eternal City, looking for an event that brings together many classic melodies and presents them in an exquisite atmosphere, the concert Opera Greatest Hits and accompanying reception at the breath-taking Methodist Church on Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo is the right choice for you!

    The event is carefully curated to satisfy many musical tastes and wishes. Famous arias and duets by Italian maestros like Rossini, Puccini, Verdi and Bellini shine with a new light thanks to the stripped-down accompaniment of a piano. This minimal arrangement puts the beautiful soprano and tenor voices centre stage and let the old masters’ supreme melodic lines truly dazzle you.

    To immerse you further into Italy’s rich and extensive musical legacy, the Opera Greatest Hits concert also includes Neapolitan songs by luminaries like Ernesto De Curtis and Salvatore Cardillo who defined the genre’s gentle sentimentality and powerful emotional resonance. Inspired performances for solo piano, featuring the most beloved works of Chopin, Liszt and other greats, complete the evening’s exciting programme.

    Immediately after the concert ends, you are cordially invited to a small aperitivo where you can share your impressions of the performance with fellow audience members and get to meet the musicians as well. No Italian event is truly complete without a glass in your hand and some quality socialising!

    The concert Opera Greatest Hits takes place at the historic Methodist Church on Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo. St Peter’s Basilica and the Castel Sant’Angelo are a stone’s throw away. There is no dress code, and the venue is wheelchair-accessible. Doors open at 7 pm, and the concert commences at 7:30 pm, without intermissions. Towards 8:45, the reception opens and let you mingle before you finish your musical evening with a picturesque walk through the heart of the Eternal City.

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